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About Us

Keybase is a supplier of Information Technology consulting services, targeting Fortune 1000 and emerging growth companies.

There are many new challenges to face: managing technologies, evolving markets, increasing efficiencies, containing costs and maximizing profit margins. Investment and use of technology has to be based on a clear vision of the organization's priorities as well as a balance of short and long term initiatives. Dealing with these issues can create many obstacles. Having the flexibility to augment your existing talent base is one of the keys to capturing these opportunities.

Since 1988 Keybase has been helping its client companies exploit technology to gain a competitive business advantage. Our customers utilize technology with benefits that exceed their investment by:
  • Lowering Cost
  • Improving Operations
  • Establishing Real Time Relationships
  • Accessing New Markets
  • Increasing Existing Markets
How We Meet Client Objectives
  1. Analyze and determine our client's expectations for every project or assignment we engage in.
  2. Work with clients to develop a set of objectives that will allow us to fulfill our obligations and responsibilities
  3. Satisfy our client's needs with the intention of exceeding expectations
  4. Develop or implement a plan that will facilitate effective communication enabling our staff to meet objectives in a timely and professional manner
  5. Obtain from our clients, either formally or informally, a regular assessment of our performance
  6. Ensure that value is received for fees charged.
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